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Haha, all good! I’m late as well. xD

Ya, I agree. I like knowing enough to be hooked, but not so there are no secrets in the book when I actually read it.

Oh, yay! Can you give me the name of your blog or a link or something? I’m excited to check it out! I’m considering starting one of my own in the next year or something, because it’s good to make a platform if I want to publish, which I am working towards now. It’s a hard process, but fun, since I love the writing part. 😉 🙂

My friend is certainly talented! She offered to make screen savers with a picture of a character from your story, and a line from the story, so I might ask her to do one for me.

Lol, what theme are you seeing? 😉 You mean in my story?

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future. -JRR Tolkien

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