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Oh, I understand that. I wouldn’t want to give him my name either. Wow, her powers are so cool! I am very much hoping over here that I can met them!

Yeah, the problem with having more than one POV. But if you do fall into that trap, there are many ways to fix it! Sometimes it takes revising and editing to make the POVs different.

Yep, not alone! 🙂

Me, a violent author? Just a bit… XD Yep, I have killed characters unofficially (in my head only) and I have literally cried over it. I get so attached to my characters all of the times, even the villains (though it does depends on the villains. Some villains I will never cry over them.) Yes, I love when I write the scenes that come out so perfectly! Honestly one of the reasons why I love writing even it is hard. Oh, really? Oh my goodness, my day is made! 😀 I’m so glad you’re excited for my stories! Thank you. 🙂

To be honest, his relationships with other people is one of the reasons I love his story so much. The good, the bad and ugly relationships. I don’t know, they just really make his story so good and relatable. Oh, that’s cool! This character sounds very interesting! (*coughs* me too *cough* XD).

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