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Sorry for the late replies, everyone! The days have been escaping me so fast.


Yep, I believe if you cringe, then you have improved. XD I don’t know about you, but I think I write pretty good during the first draft and if I go, “oof, that’s bad”, it is like a sign of your growth, if that makes sense. Oh, this is your first novel? That’s amazing! Yep, that happens. I haven’t written a bunch of chapters with nothing happening, but certainly scenes or a chapter here and there. I think it is good that you can cut so much cause it makes the story so much better, you know? And oh my goodness, yes, I have forgotten and skipped over important moments in my current novel too. Another reason why it is a mess. Haha, it’s okay! This what happens when you let your story fly wherever it wants. XD

I have a question about Save the Cat: There are so many different versions of it that I’m not sure which to pick. Do you have any videos to recommend?

Yes! I’m sure your dialogue is fantastic! Yes, these ones are so good! They are almost too much fun. XD

Oh my goodness, yes, these scenes are part of my favourite too! I love writing arguments (that sounds bad but oh well XD) and drama through dialogue is great as well! I love reading them, so it make sense that enjoy writing them as well. 🙂  Same! My MC is so argumentative and gets mad so easily and picks fights with basically everyone too!

Action scenes (like fighting, running, character doing a lot of active stuff) and I also have trouble with changing from one scene to the next in the same chapter.


Oh, wow, I appreciate you, but, yeah, I understand that it is a lot to memorized. Yes, definitely! People are curious all of the time! And, yes, especially writers!

Yes, definitely! I purely like to read all of the details given because it usually gets me interested and excited and make me want to give it a chance. I’m the sort of girl who would her waste time a little on reading okay books. And my sister does not. She won’t pick up most of the books I pick up. Oh, yes, I didn’t like when blurbs spoils things that they shouldn’t spoil. You don’t want to feel like you know the whole plot and how everything will go. Like, yeah, I think some romances, especially if they are subplots, should be kept hidden for the reader to find out. A hint maybe, but not the whole thing. I totally get that. I also don’t like how some blurbs lie about how something happened in the book. Like they say one thing and in the book it happens another. It is annoying. -_-

Yep! (HAHA) Of course you can read it!

Your friend is talented. Ah, I see. Oh, haha, I am seeing a theme… Okay, cool! Can’t wait. 🙂

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