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Whoa . . . this thread has died. Let’s throw a little life back in here.

Would you rather have a white Christmas but spend it alone or have a muddy Christmas with all your best friends?

Dayton: “I have no preference, since I have no friends. As long as I have my sons, the weather is little significance.”

Alan: “Whoa!! I’d want a white Christmas, but if I have to spend it alone, I’ll just have a mud ball war instead of a snowball fight. I mean, what’s the good of having one with yourself?”

Rob: *keeps a very straight face.* “Doesn’t particularly matter.”

Jim: *looks very lonely*”Muddy Christmas.”

Megyn: “A muddy Christmas with friends will be far more meaningful than the most beautiful white Christmas alone.”

Would you rather be a sleepwalker or never be able to sleep?

Dayton: “A sleep walker. One must get enough sleep.”

Alan: “Ooh, a sleep walker!!”

Rob: *shrugs* “Suppose a sleep walker.”

Jim: *expression changes to troubled* “I guess a sleepwalker.”

Megyn:  “I  . . . I am a sleepwalker. And I’ve seen sleepless nights. I guess I’d rather sleepwalk . . . ”

Would you rather live your greatest dream, but be disliked by almost everybody, or give up on your dream and be super popular?

Dayton: *Snorts* “I don’t care to be popular. Give me my dreams and let them think what they will think.”

Alan: “Uhh . . . I don’t have a greatest dream. I’d rather have friends. And, being popular for once would be fun.”

Rob: *thinks a moment* “I’d rather have neither. Have no dreams and don’t care to be popular.”

Jim: “Reckon I’d . . .*swallows* “rather have some friends. Got no dreams anyway.”

Megyn: “My greatest dream . . . *ponders a moment* “I’d rather give up my dreams to minister to people and be their friend. I don’t care about being popular; I care about people.”


Psalm 119:11
Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You.

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