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Okay, peeps, @naiya-dyani  and I have been working on what happens next with Megyn, Kiet and Kedori . . . and here is part one. Hope this is good. 🙂 (dashes indicate POV switch


As the young woman walked past the gates, Kedori sucked in a breath through the pounding of his heart. It’s going to be alright. You have permission to be here.

For now.

His eyes darted about as they approached the Tower. In the few seconds he had, he couldn’t spot any obvious structural weaknesses. There probably weren’t any; the place had had construction on it recently.

No matter–there were other ways to break someone out.

Right now, though, Kiet was injured and had spent the night alone. Any planning would have to take second place to healing him.

As they approached the gate to the Tower, Megyn shivered again. Just a look at those wrought iron gates sent chills down her spine. Its threatening atmosphere repulsed her gentle spirit. Yet somehow it drew her with a haunting fascination.

She turned her eyes away only to glance back at Kedori, who followed close behind her. The blue in his eyes seemed to plead with her. Though silent, that gaze screamed louder than the blare of a bullhorn. He’s trusting you. Depending on you to help his friend. You can’t let him down.

Her chin set with determination as she turned back to the gate. And, Lord helping me, I won’t.

Now they stood directly before the gate. A stern-faced guard appeared on the other side of the bars. He peered at her through them with a distrusting stare. “What is your business here?” he questioned, his voice echoing around in the icy air of the prison yard.

She looked him in the eye as she answered in a clear, brave tone. “FRMS Agent Megyn Harris. I’m here to see the Tower Warden.”

He stepped to the side. The steel of the gate groaned. Megyn stood back as the gate trembled, then slowly swung back to open into the yard.

As she walked through, she looked back at Kedori again. His eyes watched her, wide and nervous. This place troubles him just as much as it troubles me, she thought.

“I need to see your badges.” the guard informed them as he appeared beside her.

She nodded. “Of course, Sir.” As she slipped the badge from her coat pocket and handed it to him, she glanced around with forced causality. The snow had covered the yard with the purest white, contrasting with the eerie shadows lingering around the almost black walls. It mounded against the fence, unbroken except for ragged furrows tread out by the feet of patrols.


She jerked her head, then nodded as he handed the badge back. “Thank you.”

He grunted as he reached for Kedori’s. As his eyes scanned it, they drifted to her, full of a piercing gaze. “What do you want to see the Warden for?”

“I have business with him,” she replied in tones politely evasive as she met his gaze a moment.

“Humph.” He handed Kedori his badge. “You’re clear.”

“Good day, Sir.” she returned, then walked away to the entrance.

Another shiver raced over her as the porter pushed open the double doors. Memories of the night before chased each other around her head as she and Kedori passed them into the dark front room of the Tower.

The sharp crack of a whip snapped in the air. Megyn flinched as the sound resounded through the halls, echoing and reechoing until it rumbled like distant thunder. As it rent the air again, she turned to look at Kedori. Stay close to me, she signed.

He nodded as he stepped to her side. She tried a reassuring smile.

“Agent Harris? Back so soon?”

Her smile smoothed out as she turned. The Warden stood before her with arms folded across his chest. His brow furrowed in surprise as he regarded her.

“Yes, Warden.” She stepped forward to meet him. “I have here a permission slip from my Commander, Conayre Enlow, granting me permission to attend to the injuries of Kiet Hulsaba, prisoner of the civil government of Outopia­.” She slipped the paper from her coat. “I brought it to you to sign.” She held the paper out to him.

He glanced down at it, then at her. “May I ask, why the special interest in Hulsaba?” he asked as he reached for the paper.

“I am concerned about his injury.” She handed him a pen. “He suffered a lot of trauma. The wound could also easily get infected, with him being housed in these–” She licked her lips. “Unhealthy conditions.”

“No need to put it politely.” He shook his head as he signed at the bottom of the page. “I understand, Miss Harris.” He handed the paper back to her. “I don’t mind. But the higher-ups may become suspicious.” Leaning down, he muttered, “Just keep it ‘professional’.”

“I will, Sir.” She smiled gratefully as she slipped the paper back into her coat. “Which cell is he being kept in?”

“Ah-,” He paused, then gave her a shamefaced smile. “I’ll need to check the records for that, Miss Harris. We have a lot of prisoners and I – lose track of who’s where.” He gestured with his hand. “This way, Miss.”

With a nod of her head, she fell in step with him as he turned and walked into a room. “That’s alright, Warden.” She assured him as he pulled open a door.

He gestured inside. “I keep the records in here.”

Megyn glanced around as she walked in. A simple black desk, flanked by a drab steel chair, stood in the off-center right of the room. Rows and rows of small, gray steel cabinets lined all four walls, each with a key hanging from it’s handle. A single bare bulb hung from a chain fixed to the middle of the ceiling, casting many eerie shadows as it swung in the path of it’s pendulum.

The Warden sat down at the chair. As Megyn walked up to stand before it, he bent down and pulled out a drawer packed with files.  “Lemme see, where’s . . .” His voice trailed off as he rummaged through the drawer.

Megyn turned her head as Kedori stood next to her. He watched the Warden rummaging a moment, then lifted his eyes back to her.

She smiled reassuringly, even as an oppression settled around her heart.

“Here it is – ” The Warden straightened up, laying a file down on top of the desk, Flipping it open, he ran his finger down the first page. “Third Ward, second hall, cell number 870.” He folded up the file as he rose from his chair. Striding over to the wall, he unlocked one of the cabinets. As he pushed open it’s little door, Megyn bit her lip. It was emblazoned with the number 870.

The Warden shut the door with a bang, then walked over to her. “Here you go,” he handed her a skeleton key. “If you need a guard to guide you–”

She shook her head. “There’s no need, Warden. Have a good day. And–thank you.”

He nodded. “Good day, Miss.” Turning away, he walked out of the office.

Her lips pinched together as she watched him. Slowly, she strode out of the room to the entrance to the Third Ward and nodded to the porter. As he swung the door open, she and Kedori walked through into the darkness beyond.

Psalm 119:11
Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You.

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