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I’m pretty good at memorizing things, but it would take me a while with something as long as my synopses, so I’ll just keep it handy in case someone ever asks about it. Which they inevitably will. 😉 I suppose we are a writing community, so…

Haha, it’s true, people are very different when it comes to reading about a book and how much they want to know. I don’t mind knowing quite a bit, but what drives me nuts is when it’s something like, just say, a romance, and they give it away on the back who is going to end up together at the end. You know what I mean? Generally it doesn’t take me long to figure out who’s going to end up with who in a romance anyway, but it’s just annoying for me sometimes to have it all spelled out on the back. Lol

Oh, you have a blog? (Lol, I guess I knew that, since I’ve seen you on Alabama’s, and it says when people have their own blogs. Haha.) Mind if I read it?

Thank you! I love it so much!!! 🙂 Another young writer friend made it for me, and I love watching it while I’m writing (or supposed to be). 😉 She sort of used my blurb, but she changed it quite a bit when she made the trailer, so that’s not technically my blurb. I’ll try to find it (seeing a theme here yet?!?!?) and show it to you.

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