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 Oof, first drafts are fun, am I right? But the best thing is that you can fix it (why I love all of the drafts after the first draft XD).

XD! Yeah, I suppose cringing means you’ve improved, right? Hopefully XD. I’m experimenting with how to revise since that is my first novel. It’s been easier than drafting, (so far….) I have a lot of scenes to change since I outlined very loosely and sometimes nothing happened for four chapters straight XD So much so that I managed to condense the first five chapters into the first two without losing any important material. Also, I completely skipped over a bunch of important events, for some reason? I have no idea what I was thinking XD

Really? Awesome! I need to check those videos out. It would so good to test Save the Cat method before buying it. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

You’re welcome! I hope they help!

Oh, for sure the one where characters can just talk and learn more about each other or discussing things. I really love the scenes where dialogue is pretty constant.

Ooh, dialogue is so much fun! I love writing it, and I like to think it’s one of my stronger points? Maybe? XD Especially sarcastic/snarky dialogue or dialogue where one of the characters is hiding something and constantly edging around the truth. I LOVE writing those!

My favorite scenes are probably arguments and really dramatic scenes, though sometimes it just makes me happy to write some fun conversations where the characters aren’t almost dying every five seconds. I have so much fun writing arguments, and Liorah is really argumentative and has a quick temper, so that works out XD She picks a fight with everyone. 

What kinds of scenes do you struggle with the most?

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