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Hi again!

My word I keep telling myself I’m going to do better with responding, but life does not seem to be helping me out with that. Second semester is always crazier than the first. XD

Oh huh, I think I’d rather talk. I think I especially wouldn’t mind if I just got to make it up as I went, because when I’ve done speeches I was always scared I’d mess it up. But with no script there’s no pressure. 🙂 (Or at least less pressure XD)

Yeeeeessssss! You have a very literary doggy. 🙂

No judgement, here lol. From the sound of the game, I think my dad would also win. Or maybe my brother.

It’s been good! A lot of the same as last year, just more of it crammed into smaller time frames.

Though here’s a random thing that happened; my brother, who is younger by two years, passed me in height and is now taller by a couple inches. So that’s slightly annoying. XD

How have you been? 🙂

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