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You’re welcome once again! Yeah, I may or may not be about to search “post-Cyborg war books” on Google XD I will let you know if I find anything in my research 😛

Oh good I’m glad it still wasn’t confusing LOL. No worries in wondering about the messenger. She really only has one mission in my entire series XD Yeah, it is quite a timespan, but it is essential to Mordred’s immortality and his evil reign of terror 😛 I mostly thought it would be weird having an immortal villain if their immortality only lasted a couple of years LOL. Thanks! I’m glad you like my characters! They’re so fun to write (and there are like so many others aside from Alex and Penny XD) Aww, thanks! I think it will be fun writing from both Alex and Penny’s perspectives in the second book, but I am afraid they’re going to start blending into the same person… *shudders* It will take some work LOL.

Thanks again! Yes, all the endless possibilities 🙂 It’s fun creating a character, deciding what kind of power he/she is going to have, and then forming their personality to match it. Well, I mean, it’s fun for me anyways 😉 Penny’s is the most fun because 1) she’s the MC in the first book so she has a lot of time to develop, and 2) her power is fire, so I can make her super feisty and sassy XD

Oh wow, yeah no wonder he is struggling XD jk jk 😉 I honestly find it so cool that there are multiple circumstances that are inhibiting his chances at a “normal” life. It sounds so lonely and rough being a Cyborg in a post-war world, in my opinion. But the struggle sounds so (and this is going to sound terrible LOL) fun to write! How does it feel writing out all the dangerous scenes for your character(s)?

Oh, I have another question! I know you said that the human families essentially dumped their Cyborg family members out of their homes, but does your MC have any Cyborg friends, allies from the war, or even other humans that he can rely on? Or is he completely alone in a world that is out to see him gone? *suspenseful music* LOL.

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