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Hi Ally!

you can tell that the first book or two was/were intended for a younger audience, and then as the story progresses, it becomes more… I want to say mature, but not in the bad meaning XD Like, it’s not all like a kids book… if that makes any sense LOL.

Awesome! That happens quite a lot in series, I notice. I’m determined to finish it XD

Why is it that most movies and TV shows almost always ruin the books they are based off of? It’s so sad.

IKR!? Like, everyone has been waiting for a good movie adaptation of those, since the books are AMAZING and were really popular. There have been two adaptations so far, the Netflix one *shudder* and an older adaptation with horrid acting and kind of cheaply made. It’s kind of heartbreaking. I haven’t watched the Netflix series, but I heard about it from a friend. It seems they worked too hard to make it ‘modern’ (it was written in the ’60’s) and added a bunch of side-plots, including dumping a bunch of sparkly magic and prophesies over it all. Besides, the actors look NOTHING like the descriptions, like, there isn’t even a resemblance. Okay, rant over XD

 Have you ever read The Count of Monte Cristo? Again, it’s been ages since I’ve read it, but I’m pretty sure that book has at least one gray character. From what I can remember about the premise of that book, I think, like, half the characters could be considered gray

That sounds so cool, but no, I haven’t. I do have it on my reading list though. I actually love it when all the characters are some shade of gray. Interestingly enough, that kind of happened in my story XD Liorah is much more gray than Gavril, and some of the others are really borderline evil. It’s kind of fun though!

How about your characters?

Hmm, I think all of them have, at some point. In both senses of the word XD

"Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark." The Tale of Despereaux

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