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Hi Ribbonash!

Ah, that’s so cool! There is so much personal stake and motivation hinted at in your story. That’s awesome! I have no idea how my siblings’ relationship with each other be like, other than it will be positive not negative. Me too! There is something so fun about them!

I actually love Liorah and Gavril’s (Her brother) relationship. Every time they’re together, they go to great lengths to make fun of each other and generally annoy each other, but as soon as something bad happens to Gavril, Liorah just panics, and vice-versa. It’s really funny since her narration is the exact opposite of their interactions. I think one of my favorite parts of writing sibling relationships is that they’re (often) a combination of extremes, even more so than friendships. Liorah also has this really interesting undercurrent of jealousy/rivalry, even though she never admits it, even to herself.

 So I’m really excited to see that you are doing something isn’t really used in your story! It’s brilliant.

Thank you so much! I think the setting is one of the few things I really like. (I wrote the first draft a while ago, and I cringe a little while reading it. I had no idea what I was doing XD)

Oh, I’ve heard of Save the Cat and I really want to look into that book and its sheets. But I can’t get the book right now.   I have not tried it and it is a good suggestion! I am going to put it high on the list of must-haves.

If you want to check it out without spending anything, there are a bunch of videos on YouTube that explain the 15-beat plot structure/ Save the Cat structure really well! That way, you can get a feel for it without buying the book. Personally, this model just makes sense to me, especially since it’s pretty loose in genre and characters. It hasn’t failed me yet!

And success on your plot issues! You’ll get it figured out and it’ll be awesome! 🙂

YES, they really are! I am so enjoying my protagonist and other characters changing everything! Oh, haha, that’s AWESOME! Go Liorah! Oh, wait, I’m not meant to support the character. *coughs* *pats your shoulder while nodding my head knowingly.*

LOL! Yeah, I think it’s her way of getting revenge. Now and then, I sit down to write something and Liorah just goes: “Haha, nope.” XD

What’s your favorite kind of scene to write?

"Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark." The Tale of Despereaux

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