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Oh, I never thought about it before, but the inside jokes in the fandom are actually really fun! I do enjoy them too! It is great that you can say a random thing out of context and people get it!

Thank you! It is pretty great since it is such a personal thing to Smoke and for this book particularly I think it needs something really personal to drive it along. Ah, that’s so cool! There is so much personal stake and motivation hinted at in your story. That’s awesome! I have no idea how my siblings’ relationship with each other be like, other than it will be positive not negative. Me too! There is something so fun about them!

Yeah, I know what you mean. While they are great settings, we need something different.  So I’m really excited to see that you are doing something isn’t really used in your story! It’s brilliant.

I think I’m both with this story, though I think in general I am more a plotter than a panster. I have looked into story structures briefly but never really in depth. I definitely should. But the main reason I am in this position is because I started my story too early and ended writing a bunch of scenes that are still important to the story but out of place with the current plot I have. With my first novel I had none of these problems, so this is new with this story. I learned my lesson and I’m 99% sure that I won’t ever do this again. But right now, I am stuck with this mess. Maybe I should sit down and filled out a story structure sheet, but the problem is that I need one that won’t make me stuck and then making me give up on it. Oh, I’ve heard of Save the Cat and I really want to look into that book and its sheets. But I can’t get the book right now. 🙁 I have not tried it and it is a good suggestion! I am going to put it high on the list of must-haves.

Yes! I love strong voices, and they are my favourite too cause you really get the feel of the character’s voice and personality and it is just AWESOME. YES, they really are! I am so enjoying my protagonist and other characters changing everything! Oh, haha, that’s AWESOME! Go Liorah! Oh, wait, I’m not meant to support the character. *coughs* *pats your shoulder while nodding my head knowingly.*

Yes, my MC is the easiest to write. For hardest I think it would be Steel, who is the father of my MC.


Thank you! Aww, I’m so glad you love it! ^_^ So made my day. I haven’t read any of post-Cyborg-war books, but I’m new in this genre. So if you think of anything that are like mine or related, feel free to share!

It really wasn’t confusing! You are all good! Ah, I thought she was just a messenger, but I wanted to check that. Oh, wow, hundreds of years in the future!? It makes sense but that is a long time from when the prophecy happened. Oh, your MCs sound interesting. I like how you are focusing on one character in book one but then having two in the next one. It is creative.

Oh, I love your magic system. So many possibilities.

I love your questions! Okay, several reasons. One is because his whole purpose as a cyborg is to fight in the war, and he is one of those people who hate having no purpose and will go great lengths to find purpose. Another is because he is struggling with mental issues, ones that haven’t been treated at all. He suffers from depression, anxiety and PTSD. He is also an insomniac, barely eats and his sense of self-care is minimal. He didn’t stuffer an injury like that, but he was responsible for someone who did suffered from such an injury. And, yes, there are people, called cyborg hunters, who aim to put him and his kind to sleep, which is basically death since it is nearly impossible for them to wake up. It is because the humans decided that cyborgs are too dangerous to be around them anymore, now that the war is over. And, yes, it is generally harder for them because the humans treated them differently and there aren’t a lot of humans who support them or provide them with resources that could help them. Whole families have abandoned the cyborg member of the family because they behave weirdly from humans and/or get afraid. All this makes it hard for him to have a life – a real life, not just one that is all about survival.


All good! Oh, that sounds so cool! I should really check it out.

Ah, that makes sense. Recently I’ve been meeting new people or people who I know who ask about my book for the first time (as in the first time since when I started my current novel) so that’s why I have a whole line ready to go for both the written and speaking form. Yes, it would be so cool if you had it memorized! I would be so impressed.

Yes, they are. Same! My burb just isn’t quite there yet. Haha, while mine isn’t perfect I don’t think it is confusing, though it is shorter than the ones I see on books.

You’re welcome! It is honestly really intriguing! Oh, that’s so sweet of you! I appreciate that so much! I can’t wait to hear more about your story!!!

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