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Ya, sorry for the misunderstanding. Haha, that happens with me some. Lol. Ya, you should definitely check it out, even if you don’t join! They have this thing called the Crazy Writing Week where there are two teams who race to see how many words they can write in one week and how much time it takes, and whichever team has the most words and time wins. It’s a lot of fun, and free for anyone who wants to join, so you should totally try it out! They only have it three times a year, and the first one was just in January, but you can join for the one in May, if you want! All you have to do is join from May 11 to 15, and then it starts on the 16th, I think. Then it runs for a week and it’s a ton of fun to see which team is ahead at the end of the day. (A new score is put out every day.)

Well, I don’t really tell that many people around me about my WIP, because my family sort of knows already (though it’s sorta a secret from my parents because this story is for them), and my friends also know about it. But when people on Story Embers or the Young Writers Workshop ask about it, I just copy and paste it from my profile or somewhere else that I have it. I definitely don’t have it memorized! xD Though that would be pretty cool!

Ya, blurbs are hard. Mine is close-ish to the story, like it has all the right elements and stuff, but because it’s so short, if I told that to people instead of my synapses, they’d be so confused! 😛 🙂

Aww, thanks! So many people have thought it’s cool, and it’s really encouraging. 🙂  If I post anything from it on here for feedback, editing, or just for fun, I’ll make sure to tag you!

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