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Ally Renee


You’re welcome! 😀

Oh wow that’s so cool! That seems like an interesting setting and I love it! I don’t know how many post-Cyborg-war books I’ve read before 😉 You’re welcome again!

Aww, thanks! I’m glad my explaining isn’t too confusing LOL. Well, actually, I guess I made one thing confusing: the woman in the prologue is just a messenger in the book. That’s really the only time she’s mentioned. Her main purpose in the prologue is to show that not all of the Alondans died in the battle. The book’s primary setting and time is, like, hundreds of years in the future XD My protagonists are my very-fun-to-write brother-sister-duo, Alexander and Penelope (I mostly refer to them as Alex and Penny, though). They are the descendants of the late King Darren Lane of Alonda, and the ones prophesied to destroy the evil immortal King. I mostly write in Penny’s POV in this first book (if I were to write as another character it would be Alex), but in the next book it will be in both Alex and Penny’s POVs.

So the Elementals’ powers are… pretty much anything and everything XD Lots of my characters only have one power (e.g. Penny has power over fire, and Alex has power over lightning/electricity), but then I have other characters who get a nice little package-deal of different powers (e.g. I have a character that shows up in later books who can turn invisible, and he also has telekineses). I also have Elementals whose only powers are healing, and they can’t have any attack-based powers. They are essentially defenseless in a battle unless they know how to wield a sword.

I have a question for you about your story! 😀 How/why is your protagonist struggling to live? Did he suffer an injury during the war that is inhibiting him now? Are there certain people out to get him even though the war is over? Or is it just generally harder for a Cyborg to provide for himself/herself alone?

"Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future." ~ Proverbs 31:25

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