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Ah, it must be Alabama Rose’s blog cause I’ve never even heard of The Young Writers Worship. Okay, I might check out it, though I won’t join cause I really don’t have the money for it right now.

It does depends on the story! My other novel was easier to write. This current one is such a big mess and it is making the story hard to write. Oh, I hope you will be able to achieve this! That is an awesome goal. ^_^ Honestly I can’t wait to get into some editing for my own book when I can.

Yep! Oh, nice, that is something to be excited about. So how do you tell people about your book? Do you have the synapses memorized or you have it on your phone so you can quickly whip it out and tell people about it? Yeah, my blurb doesn’t descripted the story right, but it is closer to it than my old versions. Maybe one day I will write one that tells the story well.

Oh, my, that is such an interesting idea! I really like it. ^_^ I hope that I get to hear more about it!


Hello, Rose, it is nice to meet you!

Thank you! No, a friend did it. It is based off one of my fantasy beings in one of my WIPs.

A fellow fan! Awesome! Oh, my favourites are Cinder, Kai, Iko and Wolf (tomatoes!!!). But, as you said, I think the others are amazing too!

Thank you so much! Aww, yay, I’m glad you think so! That comment means a lot to me! ^_^

Ooh, your WIP sounds so interesting! I love the sound of the setting (Middle Eastern/North African inspired? Count me in!), and your character sounds so cool!

Okay, so the biggest challenge I am facing is trying to tie loose scenes into the story and failing since every time I get close to tying up the scene, my mind suddenly thinks up another important event to place in the story and then changes the direction so the loose scene must be pushed back until later. It is fun that the story has a life of its own, but at the same time, I need to reach those important scenes so I can properly rewrite them and then move on with the rest of the story. Right now I am stuck in the beginning, which gets longer all of the time. And the thing I am proudest of is my protagonist. I just love his voice. He isn’t hard to write despite that he likes to keep things to himself. And sometimes I get into his internal conflict so well that he is engaging to me. And, yes, like the rest of the story, he is completely unpredictable (mostly in character which I’m happy about) in how he thinks and acts and reacts. It is a great experience.


Hi, Ally! Thanks!

Thank you! Of course! Okay, so I’m assuming you mean the cyborgs who present in the story, right? If so, their battles are set in Japan, because they are Japanese and they are the ones who are directly protecting their home country. There are international ones, but they are not present in the story and are not going to be mentioned much. If not, the answer then is everywhere! Cyborgs in general fight each other nearly everywhere around the world. There isn’t a place where they haven’t been since their war went on for a long time, except for the neutral zones set up at the beginning of the war. Thanks! ^_^

Ooh, it sounds so cool! I think you explained it pretty well. ^_^ Awesome, here’s one: Where does this Elemental woman that you mentioned fit in this story? Is she just a messenger at the beginning, or she is the protagonist, or is she a mentor figure? Who is the protagonist if not her? Also what are the Elemental powers in this story?

Oh, yay, so glad that you’re interested! I can’t wait to share more over time myself. If you have more questions about it, feel free to ask more!

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