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Hi Ally!

I give Alex and Penny more, eh, “severe-ish” as a two-for-one special with their scars XD Alex has, like, PTSD and Penny has constant nightmares. But everyone gets scars; no one gets to feel left out LOL.

Yes! They’re all treated equally in that aspect! *Evil chuckle* Liorah and another character have PTSD in the second book. Both from different events, though. It’s pretty interesting to write so far! I’m just kinda terrified I’ll get it wrong.

I’m actually currently reading the Wingfeather Saga. I’m about halfway on the first book, and I’m finding it a bit of a slow start XD But I’m determined to finish it! I like Leeli! She and Janner are probably my favorite characters so far. Who’s your favorite?

Okay I really have to read The False Prince now XD

YESSS!! I’m going to recommend that book to every person I meet! It’s SOOO good! The villain and MC are honestly brilliant!

Moments where I kind of agree with the villain are, like, “wow” LOL. Although, while I like those moments, I have to remind myself that they’re the villain for a reason XD

Yes, I love those! Another really, really good villain was Prince Viridian from “The secrets of the Wild Wood” by Tonke Dragt. It’s a Dutch book, originally, but I’ve read the translation too, and it’s very good, though it’s slightly better in Dutch XD (In Dutch there’s a character who literally talks only in alliteration and verse, for comedic effect, and it’s SPECTACULAR!)

It’s the second part of “Letter for the King”. I like it even better than the first book! Tonke Dragt was like the… I guess the C.S Lewis of the Netherlands XD (Even though her books don’t really have Christian themes)

The villain in that book even managed to convince the MC, Tiuri, for a few minutes! That was downright impressive! I liked him as a villain since I honestly doubted which side was in the right. He had excellent motivations and was a great character all-around. (I mean, well-written. He was definitely evil XD) Those books are spectacular, BTW. Do not be deceived by the Netflix series! They completely bungled it, from what I hear! They ripped all of it out of context and mixed up the plot so badly.

I’ll need to practice writing some gray characters!   They sound fun to write out!

They’re SO much fun! They always make me briefly worry about whether I’m evil XD It’s kind of interesting since you can really write them as people that might have been good once, but stuff happened and they went the wrong way. (Yes, I’m thinking of one specific character of mine XD) She’s amazing, and she kinda scares me XD I guess the key to writing good villains is to give them good motivations?

What’s the dumbest thing any of your characters have ever done?

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