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Oh, I thought I saw you on there, haha. I suppose I’ve just seen you on Alabama Rose’ blog. I’m not super good with links and such 😛 but you can look up The Young Writers Workshop. It’s super cool, but you have to pay to join, though the resources and community are great.

Ya, it’s hard to finish what you’ve started, though it depends on the story. I’ve only been working on mine for a few months, but I’m hoping to write it really quickly so I can have the first draft done and start on the edits. (And I’m sure they will be numerous!)

I get that! I have a hard time explaining exactly what my stories are about unless I take forever to do so, and no one wants that. Or, rarely. So when I came up with a synapses to my story last month, I was elated. 😀 Lol. I came up with a blurb too, but it’s not very clear about what happens, so I don’t really use it much.

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