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Arindown (Gracie)

@lrc Hey! I’ll brainstorm for a second with you.😄 Just random ideas in random orders, I guess.

– Make memory loss part of your characters arc. For example, if your character was an Enneagram 4 (Enneagram is just way to tell personilities), their self-identity might be really important to them. Which could be a huge factor for conflict.

– What if one of your characters purposefully chooses not to learn of their past, because they decide they’ll just go ahead and make a new life?

– One thing I read is to maybe not start the story with amnesia, but let the reader get to know the character first.

I know I always say this to people, but a cliche isn’t really what was written, it’s how it was written. To use Disney as an example…how many Disney movies have side-characters (like Olaf, and Mator, etc) that are super funny, but always a little on the edge? A lot. The point is, we don’t get tired of Disney characters because the characters are timeless and done properly, not because we’ve never met someone like them before.

I think if I woke up with no memory, I would probably have a breakdown until someone logical helped me up and helped me build a new identity.😂 I’d also probably name myself within the first day.

Can’t wait to hear more about your story!

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