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Hi Ally!

And I totally agree with the whole having lasting reminders of their injuries or whatnot. I give that to Penny and Alex in later stories (mwahahaha XD). Let’s just say I’m cruel to my characters LOL

That’s awesome! Liorah and Ziyad both have more than their fair share of scars, and so do Acyn and Sahar!

That’s so cool! If you ever get a book like that published you will definitely have to let me know! Even now it sounds so intriguing

I totally will! Thank you!

That’s awesome! I’m currently reading the Wingfeather saga. Everyone on this website has read it, apparently XD

How about you? Who are your favorite villains? And when you’re writing villains (if you do), do you like to make them absolutely corrupted/twisted, or do you go about a completely different way?

My absolute favorite villain of all time is Conner from the False Prince. He was so perfectly gray and excellently motivated, and he was actually intelligent, unlike some others.

I like to write villains that are heroes in their own minds and have so completely justified their actions that they think they’re right. I love it when my readers think, “Hey, he has a point.” And the heroes seem evil for a brief instant.

I love writing gray characters too! They’re so much fun!

"Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark." The Tale of Despereaux

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