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Thank you so much! It helps a ton!

Aw, I feel so bad for her!!!! But, from a writer’s perspective, that’s a pretty cool thing for your character to struggle with.   But from another perspective, it’s so sad!

IKR! It’s very interesting to write, and it annoys me in books when characters go through awful trauma and just… forget about it? Within weeks? They just ignore all this emotional trauma and go on without even remembering it.

And I know, it’s so sad!! I’ve considered taking Liorah out of the Character Castle, then putting her back, as she is at the beginning of book 2, with no memory of these people. It would be kinda heartbreaking since the characters would remember what she was like before and have no idea what happened. Especially at the beginning of book 2, she’s really bitter, angry, suspicious, and frightened. It could be interesting!

My biggest pet peeve in books is probably when the main character is just “naturally” a “good-hearted” person and is so “brave” and is always “right” and is just so “noble” while the villain is just “naturally” purely evil and terrible and will never have redemption because he or she is just so nasty. (hopefully the sarcasm in that was apparent)  Have you read a book like that? What’s your biggest pet peeve?

heard the sarcasm! I couldn’t agree more! The book I instantly thought of was “The Youngest Templar” That book makes me laugh because it’s a collection of the most cliche tropes put together. It’s kinda funny and kinda sad because it’s so awful.

The writing isn’t bad, but there’s a farm boy turned squire, an assassin, the crusades, an evil and insane enemy with no personality besides “Bad. Very bad. Be afraid.”, a MacGuffin that duct tapes every single plot hole (Did something dumb and got yourself into a corner? Activate MacGuffin!), a princess, a band of rebels, and all of it is sloppily glued together with repetitive banter, no motives, and Robin Hood. No offense to anyone who likes it! It’s just not my style.

My biggest pet peeves are a. inaccuracy in things that could be easily researched. (If you wiggle a horse’s reins, it won’t ‘go’, and corsets weren’t painful.) and b. Characters who just get up and run around after they got seriously hurt. Like, “You were just tortured! You can’t do that!”. I see this one sooo much. I like it when characters get injuries and recover realistically, especially when you get little reminders of the injury in later books, like scars or a habit of sitting in a particular way to keep from straining an old injury.

Also, unrealistic female characters. Enough said.

Do you know any books that do those? Does it annoy you too, or is that just me? XD

What are your favorite things to see in books? Like, a specific trope, style of prose, or something like that?


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