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I’ve read up on nightmares, and I found out a lot of interesting things like the nightmares are seldom exact flashbacks, but usually similar in feeling to the trauma. But I couldn’t find out how frequent they are, generally. Could you help with that, please?

Well, I’ll be honest with you: Both Sister A and Sister B used to have nightmares every other night. But now it’s as seldom as a blue moon that they have a nightmare. So I think it might depend on how much time/healing Liorah/any others have.

Also, Liorah has a scar on her arm from the event, so would someone asking about it be a trigger?

Hm… I don’t think so, but I’m not entirely sure. I mean, just someone asking about it? It might make her uncomfortable and start to freak out slightly, but IDK if it would incite a literal flashback. *thinks for a moment* I mean, maybe if they pressed it, even when she tries to say she doesn’t want to talk about it. If they didn’t leave her alone about it, I’d say it could, but if they just mentioned? I don’t believe so.

No problem!!

Aw, I feel so bad for her!!!! But, from a writer’s perspective, that’s a pretty cool thing for your character to struggle with. 😉 But from another perspective, it’s so sad!

It’s really interesting that Rilyn doesn’t hold grudges, but Konyar does, even though he’s the more soft-hearted of the two! (I think? XD)

Yeah, he is 😛

OH, that’s really cool!! I’m glad you’re doing that with Sahar because it annoys me so much when sweet/bubbly characters are flat. And that’s very interesting with Acyn!

Haha, thank you!!

My biggest pet peeve in books is probably when the main character is just “naturally” a “good-hearted” person and is so “brave” and is always “right” and is just so “noble” while the villain is just “naturally” purely evil and terrible and will never have redemption because he or she is just so nasty. (hopefully the sarcasm in that was apparent)  Have you read a book like that? What’s your biggest pet peeve?


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