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Hi Ally!

 I have written and rewritten the first chapter of Elemental sooooo many times before I decided that outlining and actually planning might be useful LOL.

I can’t agree more! I’m on the fourth rewrite of my first chapter, and this is only the second draft. I’m still not completely happy with it though… Oh well, we’ll get the first chapter right eventually!! I suppose “writing is rewriting” XD

 Please tell me you did not injure anyone in your research purposes?

No, thankfully I didn’t, but I’ve finally convinced my brother that I’m entirely insane. He thinks my ‘suspicious’ research is hilarious.

It’s nice to let fangirl flags fly

YESSS!! Few things excite me more than the difference between corsets and stays, and crinolines and bustles! That’s some fascinating stuff XD I love both history and fashion, and putting the two together is amazing!

 Probably just storylines that don’t really progress and are super boring and whatnot. I can never stay into the books like that. Also, as we discussed, those shallow and stereotypical female characters that we both hate XD

I couldn’t agree more! Slow plots are the worst!

I’d say my very specific pet peeve is inaccurate writing. Oooh, it annoys me SO much. When I know a lot about a specific thing, such as historical sewing or horses, it annoys me when you can see the author did ZERO research. Horses do not move forward when you wiggle the reins, thank you very much, and that rear-and-gallop-off-dramatically thing does. not. happen. Ever.

Also, corsets didn’t hurt. They’re not dangerous, and everyone wore them. I once read a steampunk fantasy set in Victorian times, but they didn’t mention corsets or shifts once. *Sigghhh*

I understand that you can’t know everything, (Goodness knows, I still can’t figure out how you’re supposed to steer a camel. XD) but stuff like that is all over the internet, and looking it up takes like five minutes. (Yes, I’m thinking about several books in particular XD) Sorry for the rant, it really frustrates me XD You can ask my family, every time we watch a movie that includes horses I’ll scold the actors for how they’re riding XD

Also, when characters get wounded and just get up and move on with no further mention of their injuries, that’s frustrating! Half the challenge of characters getting hurt is afterward, when they’re still hurt but in the middle of the action. That makes for some interesting scenes! I’m thinking about another book specifically XD The characters would be tortured or whatnot, then just move on and brush off the injuries. It was honestly ridiculous XD I find it satisfying when characters are injured and a few books later, they still limp/ hide a scar/ sit a particular way so they don’t strain an old injury. It’s like a little reminder that they’ve gotten through hard things. (The Ascendance series does this really, really well. The MC gets hurt a lot and his scars/ injuries are still mentioned/ used in future books.)

Another question!

Do you like writing villains and gray characters, or not? Do you like reading about them? Who are your favorite villains in books?

"Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark." The Tale of Despereaux

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