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Ally Renee


Hi Rose!

Oh thanks. I’m glad you understand my dilemma XD

It really is the best part! All the things we hate about characters and whatnot we can avoid in our own stuff and make it 3 times better And I totally get the whole “eventually, hopefully, sort of” stuff XD I have written and rewritten the first chapter of Elemental sooooo many times before I decided that outlining and actually planning might be useful LOL.

OH MY GOODNESS THAT’S EVEN BETTER XD XD XD I don’t care that that may have been ridiculous; that’s awesome LOL. Please tell me you did not injure anyone in your research purposes? 😉

Aww, thanks so much! 😀

Awesome! It’s nice to let fangirl flags fly XD I’d love to hear your future pitch 🙂

Thank you again! I hope that From Another Planet turns out well LOL. Sci-fi is new to me so we shall see how it goes 😛

Oh ok! I will definitely read through those topic posts! With Elemental being written with constant battles, I feel like I’ll have to get better at writing death and stuff XD

Hmmm, pet peeve. Probably just storylines that don’t really progress and are super boring and whatnot. I can never stay into the books like that. Also, as we discussed, those shallow and stereotypical female characters that we both hate XD

How about you? 🙂

"Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future." ~ Proverbs 31:25

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