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Hi friend!

So sorry for the late response! Getting back into school and adding more school on top of it is sometimes difficult, ya know? XD

I totally get that! I have the exact same thing! XD

Ikr? I find that annoying too :/ This is why we, as authors, can break the cycle XD

IKR! That’s the coolest part of being an author! The book is exactly as you like it (Eventually. Hopefully. Sort of close.) XD.

 I can just picture someone throwing a clog and it accidentally hitting someone, and the thrower being like “Sorry, that was for science!” XD

You’re pretty close! If you want to picture the scene in its full ridiculousness, imagine me hopping around on one clog and hurling the other at a stack of hay-bales, while exclaiming: “For research purposes!” (Yes, I actually did that. Yes, it looked as ridiculous as it sounds.)

Ooo, I don’t think I’ve ever used that technique, but I’m doing it now

You did an awesome job! Your characters sound great!

That sounds cool! The parrot sounds amazing XD   I don’t have any critiques on it, but the characters sound great (and the genres and ideas seem kewl too)! If you pitch it to me when you have a general idea of the storyline I may be able to help some, but nothing from me right now!

Thank you! I was intrigued by the weirdness of the genre and idea, and the opportunity to fangirl over historically accurate victorian clothing. (Historical fashion is one of my favorite things!) I’ll pitch it as soon as I have more than half an idea and a color palette!

Your other WIP’s sound so cool! I love the ideas and it sounds so interesting! I love sci-fi!

Hmm, about the death scenes, I can’t help you much there. I’ve written two death scenes, and the first fell horribly flat. All my beta readers reacted in the same general way. “Oh. Okay.” Even though I cried while writing it XD. So, I’m completely rewriting that one. But, I do know something that might help. There’s a SE topic on writing death scenes I discovered recently. I’ll tag you on it, so you can find it! I hope it helps!

What’s your pet peeve in stories?

"Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark." The Tale of Despereaux

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