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Thank you so, so much! That helps a ton!

I actually have another question I forgot about 😅

I’ve read up on nightmares, and I found out a lot of interesting things like the nightmares are seldom exact flashbacks, but usually similar in feeling to the trauma. But I couldn’t find out how frequent they are, generally. Could you help with that, please?

Also, Liorah has a scar on her arm from the event, so would someone asking about it be a trigger?

Thank you!

Is it Liorah who has PTSD? Can you kinda tell me what caused it, without too many spoilers?

Yes, it’s Liorah, though there is another character who has it too, Liorah doesn’t really know (or care), so I can be pretty vague about him. Hmmm, I’ll try not to spoil! Someone important to her died as a consequence of her actions. Liorah blames herself for the death, though she doesn’t articulate it that way in the narration. She avoids thinking about it, but it fuels her actions throughout the second book. It’s interesting to write, especially since it’s so different from the first book.

But when she comes back for help/to make up, Konyar is still angry and Rilyn’s longing to be forgiven make me so sad because Konyar won’t forgive her for a while…

That’s so cool! It’s really interesting that Rilyn doesn’t hold grudges, but Konyar does, even though he’s the more soft-hearted of the two! (I think? XD) I have two characters like that, Sahar is really sweet and bubbly, but everything’s black-and-white to her, and she holds grudges constantly. Acyn is analytical and logical, but he doesn’t let anyone tell him what to think, and he doesn’t judge anyone until he has very good reason to, so he forgives much faster than Sahar.

Incongruities in characters are so awesome and make them feel real!

Probably when Konyar brings Rilyn to meet a human he saved, one whom they shall dub “Small One”, even though the human hates the name! It’s kinda funny, haha.

That sounds so cute! I can totally imagine them doing that!

What’s your biggest pet peeve in books?

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