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Ally Renee


Hi friend! 😀

LOL, yes it is. I feel like that shouldn’t be something I struggle with as an aspiring author XD

Yay, first try! XD we’re so good at guessing 😛

Dude I totally understand LOL. I still have stage fright and anxiety over that even though I’ve been on stage 4 times XD I love it when I’m home alone because I can sing as loud as I want since no one can scold me 😉 There is no problem with nerve-flipping-outing with recording yourself; I had to record myself singing a solo for the audition, and it was so awkward for myself even though I was alone in my basement XD

It really has worked out! He has adjusted to our family so quickly, and he is, like, a perfect fit for us 🙂 I actually don’t know if he was named after the author or not XD I’ll have to ask his previous owners and see if there’s a reason behind his name. But I love his name too 🙂

LOL she is. She’s great XD

Oh well that’s good LOL.

Ikr? I love my goofy family XD Actually, the Poetry for Neanderthal game is a lot like Catchphrase or Taboo, where you try to get your team to guess the word(s) on your card. But the catch for this specific games is that you are mandated to use words that have only ONE syllable XD You truly sound like a caveman when you play that game LOL. I don’t really know what the poetry part is for, but it’s a fun game nonetheless XD

(No worries whatsoever about your response! I’m still adjusting to post-break life too LOL).

"Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future." ~ Proverbs 31:25

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