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All good haha. English is hard. 😛

Well, according to Google, it’s Congress, so yay we’re good guessers. XD

Haha I can relate to your brother’s feelings. I tried recording myself singing a couple times (while I was completely alone in the house and the neighbors were gone) and my nerves still flipped out. It’s a problem XD.

That worked out well! And awwwwww that is such a cute name! Is it after the author, by any chance? Or just for randomness? 🙂

Lol your mom is awesome. 😛

Haha by this point I think they both have learned to laugh it off.

Oh my word that is great XD. Yay for goofiness. 😛 Do have a favorite Neanderthal poem? 🙂

(Also sorry for the reeeeeally slow response. Still readjusting to post-break life. XD)

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