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(I’m going to refer to my two sisters with PTSD as Sister A and Sister B for their privacy and protection.)

I understand that flashbacks are probably quite different from person to person and time to time, but how long do they last, as a rough estimate?

Hmm…Good question. While I’m sure the experience is a bit different with every person, I’d say most of the time flashbacks last a few minutes. However, sometimes, with both sisters, they’ll seem to be affected for a whole afternoon/into the evening, but the standard seems to be a few minutes. (Sorry for the speech, haha)

Are flashbacks always triggered, or do they just happen without warning sometimes?

I’d say that 95% of the time they’re triggered. It’s very rare for my sisters to have a flashback without a trigger.

When a flashback does start, what should the character/ the characters around them do? As in, does it help when someone distracts the character, or talks to them, or something else?

I’m no expert, and I’m only telling you my experience, but what I’ve learned from living with two people who have PTSD is this: Most of the time a hug, kind word, and gentle reminder of what’s true is needed. (Especially with Sister A) But still, it’s kinda hard for me to explain…. Is it Liorah who has PTSD? Can you kinda tell me what caused it, without too many spoilers?

Thank you so much for helping!

No problem!! 😀

That’s AWESOME! Climactic battles are so exciting…though you’re right about them being hard to write sometimes, lol.

Oh my word, that’s hilarious! I love interrogation scenes! Wow, in one day? That’s fantastic! I’m impressed, lol.

The scene I’m proudest of? Hm… Well, I can’t say this without spoilers, but let’s just I’m proudest of this scene where Rilyn and Konyar had this huge disagreement, and Rilyn left (not only because of the argument but because of other spoiler reasons). But when she comes back for help/to make up, Konyar is still angry and Rilyn’s longing to be forgiven make me so sad because Konyar won’t forgive her for a while…. Yeah, that sounded confusing XD

Favorite? Probably when Konyar brings Rilyn to meet a human he saved, one whom they shall dub “Small One”, even though the human hates the name! It’s kinda funny, haha.


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