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Urwen Starial

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I have a short excerpt from a song I wrote around October. Hope you enjoy.

I feel like there’s too much space,

Not enough love, not enough grace,

To help me rise from my broken down state.

I’m tired of living, the same old stuff every day,

But I’m afraid to die, so I struggle on anyway,

No one ever seems to hear me when I say,

There’s too much happening around me,

And I’m feeling lonely,

Are my friends here for me,

Or will they leave me?


I’m not okay, but I cover it up like a mistake.

All this love of ours does is take,

My face is a mask, and no one knows,

That my mind is in a different place.

I’m afraid of dying,

But if it all faded away, that would be fine.


“Tears sparkle like fallen stars, the world at our fingertips, We didn’t know, It wasn't happiness.

Story Embers

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