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@skylarynn Welcome to the craziness! πŸ™‚

Let’s see . . .

Jamie: *eating a cinnamon roll*
Jack and Alan: *walk into the room*
Jack: *shakes his head with an absolute straight face* “Look at that, Alan my good man. Cannibalism. *shakes his head* “It runs rampant in this establishment.”
Jamie: *confused chewing noises*


Jack: In your opinion, what is the height of stupidity?
Dayton: *turns to Alan* How tall are you?
Jack: That’s on his resume. You have it your office.
Alan: 6’4β€³, why?


Alan: *sitting on top a ladder truck, talking to his phone* People treat me like an idiot, so I’m allowed to act like one from time to time. *sips a latte* It’s one of the perks of being a celeb idiot. That and getting yelled at by such a prominent fire chief as Dayton Fraiser. *sips latte again* Awwh, it’s a good life.


Alan: *trying to ask out Jamie* Do you eat? I do. Want to do it in the same room sometime?
Jamie: We do it all the time.
Alan: *Wide-eyed, holding his breath* We do??
Jamie: Yeah, at lunch break, though usually you and Jack sit on top of the table, instead of in chairs.
Alan: *downcast* “Oh,Β  . . . yeah . . .


Dayton: *to Jack and Alan* Gentlemen, I wash my hands of this absurdity.
Alan: *stands on his head on top of the ladder truck* What absurdity?

Psalm 119:11
Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You.

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