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Ally Renee


Hi Rose! So sorry for the late response! Getting back into school and adding more school on top of it is sometimes difficult, ya know? XD

Thanks! I love all of Proverbs 31 in general, but that is one of my favorite verses too 🙂

LOL that’s great! If there is ever any news about someone who was assassinated by bleeding to death from knife cuts, I’m contacting you XD It really does sound very suspicious without the context 😛 But that makes sense with the context of what you write and what your family knows. For most of my action scenes I usually guess at what happens, mostly because I feel like my family would be concerned if I ask them questions like “Where would be the best place to stab someone if you were trying to kill them as quickly as possible and keep them from making sounds?” XD

Oh thanks!!! I will have to read that article here pretty soon! Elemental requires a lot of information-giving, so I definitely will be trying that out 😀

Ikr? I find that annoying too :/ This is why we, as authors, can break the cycle XD I mostly made Penny more of a tomboyish girl because, for most of her life, she didn’t have the need to get all dressed up; she never saw any other people but her family, so why not just wear sweatpants all day? I have quite a few female characters who are more stylish mostly so all of my main girls aren’t all the exact same characters LOL. At least, I hope I can write them all differently and keep them that way 🙂

(Whaaaaaat? You were using sarcasm?! XD 😉 ) I really don’t like characters like that either. The seemingly flawless characters are always the worst, in my opinion. And the shallow girls. And the obnoxious girls. And the seemingly ignorant and clueless but really they use that to draw attention to themselves kind of girl XD Basically there are just a lot of poorly written female characters out in the world, and it’s hard for me to love a lot of them LOL. And no need to apologize for the rant LOL. I have had my fair share of rants 😛

Ohhh okay, well that makes sense! It would be strange if she still worked outside and whatnot all day and still looked completely clean and neat XD But I totally relate to the whole seeing-your-crush-when-you’re-a-complete-mess ordeal LOL. I would always see my crushes outside, and I’d be walking close to them, and then all of a sudden a huge gust of wind comes and blows my hair all over my face and ruins it XD I can so relate to Liorah for that 😛

Thanks! I’m glad Belrac sounds interesting to you! I’ve tried my best developing it LOL.

I love all your people’s fighting techniques! I love the diversity with their styles and how they match up with their personalities 🙂 I think it’s fun to write certain styles and techniques; at least for me it is! And wow, hurling clogs XD That’s awesome LOL. I can just picture someone throwing a clog and it accidentally hitting someone, and the thrower being like “Sorry, that was for science!” XD

Ooo, I don’t think I’ve ever used that technique, but I’m doing it now XD So my 8 MCs are Penny, Alex, Chad, Kevin, Danny, Taylor, Faith, and Kelsi. All of them have attack-based powers except for Kel (she’s a different kind of Elemental who specializes in healing and therefore cannot defend herself with powers), so she would obviously use flight if she ever ended up in a fight or deadly situation LOL. I think most of the other seven would stay and fight, mostly because fleeing would almost always end up in capture or death. The only ones (other than Kelsi) who wouldn’t fight would be Taylor (lie/discuss) and Faith (discuss). Penny is too stubborn to flee, which isn’t great for her LOL. Alex is majorly protective of his friends and family in the midst of battle (which goes poorly for him in my first book… *insert evil laugh* XD), and then Chad, Kev, and Danny are also protective and don’t want anyone to get hurt (Chad specifically is very sacrificing). So… mostly fight; I have very aggressive characters XD

That sounds cool! The parrot sounds amazing XD 😉 I don’t have any critiques on it, but the characters sound great (and the genres and ideas seem kewl too)! If you pitch it to me when you have a general idea of the storyline I may be able to help some, but nothing from me right now! 🙂

I’m currently also working on like two other things LOL. One of them is my other main WIP that originally started out as a writing challenge for my writing club that I wrote two parts for, and then one of my friends wanted me to write a third part (because I left the second part on a major cliffhanger XD). So now I’m writing it out as a short story! I’m thinking about calling it “From Another Planet,” but I don’t know if I’m in love with it yet LOL.

So it’s technically about two people: a twenty-five-year-old American rocket scientist, and a little Martian girl who has been tortured all her life. I normally don’t write about aliens and whatnot but the challenge required that there be at least one LOL. It’s an obviously fictional story about Henry Jenkins, who got the opportunity to travel on a rocket he designed to Mars to find out what happened to all the rovers NASA had sent (as they had suddenly lost contact with the rovers). Without spoiling too much of what happens in the first part, Henry accidentally stumbles upon Martian existence that has been interfering with the rovers 😛 I can try to tell you more, but I’m afraid I’d spoil stuff LOL. I have finished the rough draft of the first part, and I have started on the second part, and I have a general idea of what I want to happen in the third part XD

The other thing I’m writing a little something for fun that I have no intention on publishing. It’s like my own spinoff of “The Green Ember” by S.D. Smith because I love that series so much LOL. It’s too much like the original series for me to publish without most likely getting sued XD I also was inspired by the board-game called “Root” that’s basically about woodland animals at war with one another XD But it’s almost the exact same storyline of TGE, just altered a slight bit. My MCs names are Rika and Vagden Skyfall, and they are brother and sister vagabond rabbits. They come across the Woodland Rebellion, who are rebelling against Hyde Thrashen, the wolf overlord of the forest. Though they had no intention of joining the rebellion (at least, Rika didn’t want to), they are kinda forced to. So the storyline follows them as they adjust to living underground with a bunch of strange animals, trying to learn how to fight, and mingle with the other rebels (oh, and try to survive XD).

So that’s pretty much it LOL. Another random question time! Have you ever written a death scene? If you have, do you have any pointers on how to make it heart-wrenching for the readers? XD Because I have quite a few death scenes I have to write, and I want a lot of them to be so depressing LOL. Are there any things that you think are good to add to the deaths and things you think should be avoided? Thanks! 😀

"Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future." ~ Proverbs 31:25

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