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    Quick sum up

    Auryon: Spunky Hunter gal (Elias’s wife, Mal and Wes’s niece) [Luke’s adoptive sis, Mal’s adoptive daughter]

    Luke: Laid back tank (Mal and Wes’s nephew) [Aury’s adoptive bro, Mal’s adoptive son]

    Mal: Leader of the Hunter team (Aury and Luke’s uncle, Wes’s brother, Sera’s husband) [Luke and Aury’s adoptive dad]

    Wes: Immature (Mal’s brother, Aury and Luke’s uncle; flirts with Jane)

    Jane: Mom friend (Wes’s crush)

    Fawkes: Watches the chaos around him (Alena’s husband)

    Alena: Exasperated healer (Fawkes’s wife)

    Elias: Hyperactive firecrafter (Aury’s husband, Levi’s (half-)brother, Carm’s bff) [Carm’s adoptive bro]

    Levi: Anxiety boi (Phelie’s bf, Eli’s (half-)brother)

    Ophelia: Empath (Levi’s gf)

    Kindra: Precious tiny witch with Rapunzel hair (Sylvain’s wife, Tom’s bff) [Tom’s adoptive sis, Sera’s adoptive daughter]

    Thomas: Chill shapeshifter (Kindra’s bff) [Kindra’s adoptive bro]

    Seraphine: Mom friend werewolf (Mal’s wife) [Kindra’s adoptive mom]

    Sylvain: Loner wereowl (Kindra’s husband, Cyrene’s brother) [Carm’s other adoptive bro]

    Cyrene: Perky wereowl coffee shop barista (Sylvain’s sister)

    Carmilla: Perky vampire assassin (Elias’s bff, Zeric’s gf) [Sylvain and Eli’s adoptive sis]

    Zeric: Vampire who was once abused (Carm’s bf)

    Jemmanine: Aloof enchantress (Rachne’s (adopted) sis, Naya’s gf)

    Arachnea: Chaotic good (Jem’s (adopted) sis, Will’s gf)

    Wilder: Lonely boi (Rachne’s bf)

    Naya: Raised by a cult, constantly confused (Jem’s bf)


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