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Nice. I’m a WWII buff and can offer my services as best I can. As such I must warn you that gas weapons were not used in the European theater. Rumors are persistent the the Japanese used gas in China and the early battles of the Pacific. Gas weapons were covertly moved to standby positions in Europe but only to have them available should the other side use them first. The only “gas” weapon used in the Second World War was white phosphorous.

Phosphorous was used as a smoke marker but GIs discovered that chunks of the stuff burned similar to napalm. Since flamethrower teams were visible because of the tanks on their backs, snipers could recognize and target them. Phosphorous shells could be used by mortars or cannons and so could be used at far great range, albeit with less accuracy. Also, flamethrowers were more heavily needed in the Pacific and so were rarer in Europe.

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