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I feel the exact same way about the first draft! As much as I enjoy writing, it’s not easy that’s for sure XD

It sounds like you’ve been doing well for having that much written already! I started my fantasy last March (maybe?) and I’ve only got a few chapters left, but I didn’t plot a single thing out. I saw a pic of a necklace in my Language book, the idea came to mind, and that was it! (Idk why I’m telling you this, it doesn’t make sense with what I was trying to say) Good luck with the rest! 🙂

I like Janner too! (I’m also the oldest😁) Peet is my favourite because he’s so silly, ani have a feeling he has a really cool and interesting back story. Thanks for not spoiling it! ;P I’ve got to watch what I see on the fantasy group for that reason, lol.


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