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@writergirl101 Thanks for tagging me! I don’t know how much help I can be, but I shall try! 🙂


Your story sounds really interesting! And I really like your villain. I’ve noticed a serious lack of good villains in fiction! 😉

For the first question, I think giving him a bad memory he wants to get rid of is a good motivation. Maybe he made some mistake in his youth (like accidentally killing or maiming someone close to him like a family member or friend) that motivates him to do this. Maybe other people have used this memory against him, so he wants to get revenge on them by also taking away their memories. Or he realizes all of mankind would be better off if they didn’t remember their past mistakes.

For the second question, maybe Rubi sees other children and longs for the loving relationship she sees them having with their parents. So she decides that the risk of discovering something bad is worth it to find out if she has any loved ones left. Or after living all these years with the doctor, she sees how enslaved he is by the fact that he won’t accept and move on with his memories. Maybe she doesn’t want to be enslaved in the same way, so she decides to take the risk of freedom.

As for her having a memory that Dr. Arrowood doesn’t know about–It could be that the memory is so strong that it’s always been there in the back of her mind, but she can’t quite put it together. Until one day, all the pieces kind of fit together, and she realizes what the memory is. This could be the “inciting incident” of the story that causes her to set out on her journey to stop the doctor and find out more about his background. She realizes that her memories are worth keeping, even the painful ones. They’re too precious to simply erase.

I also like Ella’s idea that Dr. Arrowood has grown attached to Rubi and when she starts trying to figure out her past, he doesn’t want her to get hurt, so he tries to stop her.

Anyway, I was just kind of brainstorming here, but I hope it’s somewhat helpful!

Courage, dear heart.

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