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Hi Ally!

I love your quote! That’s one of my favorite verses!

LOL I love that! Does your family know by now that you scrambling around looking for a notebook automatically means NEW IDEA?

Well, usually. They also know that when I ask seemingly suspicious questions I’m just writing. XD Questions I’ve actually asked my family: “Theoretically, where would be the best place to hide knives? On your forearms? ” “How long would it take to bleed to death from a cut?” “Hey, how do you plan an assassination?” I promise this is for writing! XD My mother has a medical background, my brother studies a lot of history and my dad knows about basically everything, so I usually get a good answer. But it sounds very, very suspicious when you take it out of context. The troubles of writing action scenes! LOL!

That’s my downfall, trying to write even the most boring scenes in an interesting way that won’t have my readers nodding off or get uninterested in my book.

Oooh! This is my chance to be helpful! I read a really interesting article on how to convey a lot of information without info-dumping and boring your readers.

Swimming with “the Pope in the Pool”

Honestly, it’s such a genius technique! I’ve noticed it in a lot of books since I’ve learned about it, and I’m using it whenever I can! A particularly good example I noticed was in “the False Prince”. The author needed to tell you about the structure of the world and what the country was like, so she put the MC in a classroom situation, but made him constantly misbehave and make snarky comments about what the teacher was trying to teach. You get so interested in his constant sass, that you keep reading and remember all the information.

Whereas some of my other female characters are more stylish and take the time to dress themselves up.

That’s so cool! It’s actually interesting, but stylish female characters who enjoy dressing up and wearing makeup, etc. are really rare in fiction. Unless they’re ‘shallow’ of course. *siggghhh* Although there’s nothing wrong with tomboyish girl characters who don’t like dresses, it’s somehow become standard that ‘good’ characters are tomboys who don’t care what they look like and the antagonists are ‘shallow’ girl characters who dress up. This even happens in a lot of books I adore, which is kind of annoying.

Brotherband is a really good example, I’m sorry to say. The female characters aren’t that good in general, they’re really similar, and Lydia is my least favorite. Unlike other girls, she’s too perfect to spend time on her appearance, and she only wears dresses for special occasions, when she stuns everyone with how stunning she is. Of course, she has no idea of this and thinks she’s plain.  (Do you sense the sarcasm? XD) Who ever came up with the idea that characters with good self-esteem are vain?

One of my favorite things is when there are a bunch of female characters and they’re not all the same! I love that you’re writing those! I love reading about them!

(Sorry for the rant, this is one of my pet peeves XD)

Liorah doesn’t actually look messy on purpose, but she spends most of her time outside, in the sun and dust and with horses, so she gets dusty and dirty really quickly. And her hair somehow always looks as though she just came out of a windstorm, even though she tries to keep it neat, at this point it’s almost a joke XD She had a crush on a boy, and every. single. time. she ran into him she was dusty and dirty XD

Belrac sounds really interesting! I love how you blended modern and historical!

Balls of fire sound like a really effective weapon! I love how you’re blending their weapons and powers! I try to do something similar with my characters’ personalities. Liorah fights with a sling and a scimitar. She’s good with both, but she’s often too reckless and impulsive.

Acyn fights with the scimitar too, but he fights too cautiously, though he’s really good technically. Sahar, the adorable, sweet, bubbly Sahar carries at least three knives on her at all times, and she’s actually more ruthless than Liorah. She’s more black-and-white than Liorah, so an enemy is an enemy and that’s the end of it.

Faye is five feet of tiny, timid, cute, cinnamon roll, but if she really needs to fight, her general philosophy is ‘anything is a weapon if you throw it hard enough.’ In one of the scenes she actually hurls her shoe at someone when she gets trapped. XD This isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds, since it’s a wooden clog and those things are HEAVY! (I may or may not have thrown around some clogs for ‘research purposes’) I wouldn’t like to get hit with one XD

Ferran’s standard weapon is a quarterstaff, which is really fun to write.

Also an interesting character exercise I like to use is what they do when they get trapped in a tough situation. Fight, flight, hide, lie or discuss.

Liorah is fight, Faye is hide or flight, Sahar is lie (that was surprising to find out!), Acyn is discuss and so’s Ferran.

Do you ever use this technique?

 I was wondering if you’re working on any other writing projects, whether it’s a book, a series, or just fun little short stories? If not, do you write in any other genres?

Hmm, not currently, since the trilogy is my first project, but I do have a really faint idea for a new book, which is also in a new genre!

Here’s what I have so far:

The genre and setting is a sci-fi/fantasy victorian/steampunk, and I thought it might be fun to have a seamstress for a MC. (I came up with this idea while sewing XD) I also have a vague idea for pirates and a parrot that conjugates Latin verbs. (That would be hilarious! *Squawk* Sum, es, estis, *Squawk*) and something about espionage or royal intrigues. I’m not sure about anything yet, and it’ll probably change a ton, but I’d love to hear your ideas and critiques on the idea!

How about you? Have you ever finished any projects or do you have any new ideas?

"I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right." ~The Book Thief

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