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That’s great that you’re almost done your first draft! (I assume it’s your first draft?) Ah yes, editing . . . not so fun! Although, I actually kind of prefer editing to writing the first draft.

Here’s the synopsis of my story, since it will probably give you the best idea of what it’s about:

Widowed and childless, Princess Charlotte of Tir-Aelyn has always imagined she’d live a quiet life as a healer in her father’s court. But when an evil lord’s treason leaves the king dead and the royal family scattered, Charlotte suddenly finds herself running for her life, the sole protector of her young niece, the next heir of Tir-Aelyn. She begins a long journey across the ocean to create a new life for her and Amaryllis and build a resistance against Lord Tehren.
<p style=”text-align: left;”>But nothing is as easy as she thought. Surrounded by spies, she’s never quite sure of who to trust. Then there’s the problem of the young, brooding sea captain who seems to steal her heart at every turn. And to complicate it all, she seems to possess a strange new power that’s never been seen before. When she faces the most devastating loss of all, hope seems further than ever. Can she trust Elohim and conquer her greatest fears before it’s too late?
Far away on the Southern Archipelago, Keona has grown up among the Alohi people for as long as she can remember. Yet, she’s always known she’s not one of them. Abandoned on the island as a baby, she’s decided to leave her past behind and embrace her future as the island’s healer. But then a trip to the capital city goes wrong, leading her on a reluctant journey to find her parents. When she makes a shocking discovery, she can no longer ignore her past. Instead, she must make a choice: will she accept her past and her new responsibility, or will she run away from it?
Sorry it’s so long! I need to shorten it, but it’s the best I’ve come up with so far 🙂

Oh nice! Who’s your favorite character in the Wingfeather Saga so far?

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Courage, dear heart.

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