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Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts!! They were very helpful. 🙂

I had actually thought about him having some sort of physical scar too. I like the idea of it triggering his memory. But I keep coming up against the fact that this is futuristic! Surely there are ways to fix scars… Yes, replacing memories could be a neat twist too!

Thanks for the suggestions about Rubi! I like the idea of curiosity being a dominant trait.

Haha, fun suggestions for the villain. I like it! So many people view villains as the worst possible character, and totally miss the “redeeming qualities” that make them seem real! Good idea about Rubi having a close relationship with Dr. Arrowood. That could really bring in some interesting complexity.

Answer to your one question: 😉 He is afraid to mess himself up. He hasn’t reached the stage of perfecting a selective memory removal. That’s why he has been experimenting with Rubi. He’s very close though… I need to find away to make that tie into the climax.

Aw, thanks! Your suggestions did inspire me! It’s so refreshing to hear things from a new perspective. Sometimes you reach a point where you are tired of staring at your computer screen trying to puzzle things out. XD


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