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Ally Renee


Hey Rose!

Thanks!!! I honestly have trouble coming up with things like that on my own, but your comment made me smile πŸ™‚ Hand-to-hand combat is cool too! But I tooootallyyyy get that! I do that too with all my combat scenes XD We’re just our own worst enemies when it comes to our own writing πŸ˜›

LOL I love that! Does your family know by now that you scrambling around looking for a notebook automatically means NEW IDEA? XD πŸ˜‰ When all of my random and inexplicable story/short story ideas come to me, I wait until I’m alone in my room at night before I write them down (because most of the time it will just be short story ideas that I will never use in a book XD), but the downside to that is I end up staying up wayyyyy too late in my spurt of inspiration XD

Oh my word, that has got to be frustrating! That’s the worst, LOL. It’s such a struggle when you have at least one part of the story in mind, and then you’re like “okay… how do I get there in a way that will keep the reader interested in my characters and the storyline?” That’s my downfall, trying to write even the most boring scenes in an interesting way that won’t have my readers nodding off or get uninterested in my book.

Oh that’s cool! I think it makes sense that, as an artist, that’s something you would think a lot about and would take more care incorporating it in your story. That’s also cool that you associate your characters with colors too! I can tell you have put a lot of thought into them πŸ™‚

No worries, that makes complete sense to me! I need to start putting more effort into descriptions (something that is lacking in all of my writing LOL).

Same! Penny could really care less about appearances (anytime I have her wear a dress, she is noticeably uncomfortable in it). She is more of a jeans-are-more-practical,-why-would-I-need-to-wear-a-skirt kind of gal XD Whereas some of my other female characters are more stylish and take the time to dress themselves up. Penny’s clothing choices are like Liorah’s; simple and comfortable (the only “messy” things with Pen would be old bummy sweatpants and hoodie LOL).

So the fighting style inΒ Elemental is a little all over the place XD Most of my Elementals’ powers have, like, long-range attacking benefits (for example, Penny, whose power is fire, can create literally balls of fire to shoot at her enemies), so I think that for half the time it’s long-ranged, and then the other half of the time it’s face-to-face because, realistically, I can’t keep my characters away from the people who are trying to kill them forever LOL. So all of my characters are trained with at least one weapon that works with their power(s). Like, Alexander has a sword, and Faith (another MC) has a bow and arrows because her power is wind.

No worries about asking those questions! Mostly cuz I can’t remember if we have discussed this or not XD So since it’s a fictional world that I created, I have mixed in certain elements of both modern day stuff and “historical” stuff. Like, in Belrac, there are kingdoms with kings and queens, cities and towns within those kingdoms, and then tribes with people who live like Indian tribes in between boundaries of the kingdoms. More things that are more like historical times are lack of cell phones because I need my characters to not have those devices on them for certain, eh, tortures I put them through… MWAHAHAHA XD But more modern things are the house-cord-phone things that like no one has anymore LOL. They also have electricity, indoor plumbing, heating and cooling, stoves, fridges, etc. I’m still trying to figure out if they are going to have vehicles or not. What will most likely happen is I give them vehicles that are like some of the first models, so they aren’t very fast I guess. That’s still a work in progress though LOL.

So, it’s my turn to ask a possibly random question XD I can’t remember if you had told me this or not, so sorry if this is a repeat question, but I was wondering if you working on any other writing projects, whether it’s a book, a series, or just fun little short stories? If not, do you write in any other genres?

~ Ally Renee

"Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future." ~ Proverbs 31:25

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