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What’s up!  I feel you–I do this ALL the time…  (btw, if none of these suggestions are helpful, just ignore what I said and listen to what the next person says 😉)

What is motivating him in his experimentation with erasing human memories?

Hmmm…  what if he had some sort of physical scar (+ emotional trauma) that he just can’t get rid of?  If he managed to get his trauma under control, he’d still have physical scars/injuries to trigger that trauma again.  That would also serve as the selfish motivation: to bring healing to himself.  (also, does he erase memories, then replace that memory with a different one?  if that’s the case, he could replace his old, bad memories with a new one, e.g.  getting in a car accident or something, hence the injuries)  idk, just an idea

Why is Rubi willing to break with everything she knows to find out the truth about her past?

If you make curiosity one of her greatest motivations/personality traits, then it would make more sense.  You could also make curiosity the reason she got into a traumatic incident… 🤷‍♀️  As for keeping her memory a secret, she could maybe take some sort of drug/medicine/plant that suppresses her memory (tho it doesn’t work all the time).  That, paired with giving her a really strong/almost impenetrable mind keeps the memory a secret.

What should be his goal in this story?

What if Dr. A has had a strong attachment with Rubi since the beginning (either so it’s easier to erase her memory, or just to give him a redeeming quality–hey, maybe he’s good with kids? 😆)?  So 1) when Rubi begins to search for a way to regain her memory, OR 2) she begins to be “poisoned” if you will, against Dr. A by her sidekick (because of their past), Dr. A is sad and angry.  So he tries to make her understand why he’s doing what he does (which might lead to her figuring out a cure for her memory if he reveals important info…)

One question:  why can’t Dr. Arrowood erase his own memory even though he can erase others’?

So yeah, there are a bunch of ideas for you to think over. 😊  (Don’t feel obligated to like and/or use these ideas, though 😋)  I HOPE HOPE HOPE that this will inspire you to keep on trucking on!!!!!!!!!  (I also hope it makes sense–I have a very cluttered mind, as well as the tendency not to make sense… 😄)

Happy writing,


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