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Hi Ally!

The Tasu sounds really cool! I don’t have any fantasy creatures in my book, but my characters have one-on-one fights, battles, and fights against animals, so I practice writing all of them XD I had a scene where Liorah fought some hyenas and while reading it I was constantly thinking. “I gET iT! BiG TeeTH are SHIny in the FIreLIght.”  XD I wrote that about five times.

I like that about the arts too! Though I do have a tendency to wish my drawings/paintings looked as good as some of my other friends who are actually gifted in that field LOL. But I still love it so I [try] to stick with it

I totally understand the feeling!

It almost always comes to me whenever I’m doing something else probably more important XD I’ll be working on school or trying to write something else, and then I’ll be like “Ooo, I have a new idea!”

SAME! Every now and then, I’ll just sprint through the house looking for a notebook and my family will ask what’s wrong. “NEW IDEA!”

 Most of the time I just think of the very beginning of the storyline and the very end of the story. I think that’s partly why I struggle so much with all my in-between stuff because I can’t figure out what to put in there that leads up to the ending.

I totally get that! For my first book, I had a beginning, but no middle or end. For my second, I had a middle, but no beginning or end. That’s just as bad, how was I supposed to get Liorah to do the thing!? And for my third book I have an end, but no beginning or middle. XD

 But that’s intriguing that you think of a certain color palette or aesthetic for your story ideas… I’ve never really thought about that LOL. How exactly does that affect your story/characters/etc?

Hmm, it usually gets me to start thinking, for one thing. I think it’s also because I’m an artist, so I’m used to thinking in images and color. It annoys me when I don’t know what color the walls of a room are, or what the lighting is like XD.

Since I do draw all of my characters (A lot!) it influences the color palettes of the pictures. Almost all of them are warm-toned, a bit dim and muted, but with a lot of bright colors. I also associate all my characters with colors, for some reason? Liorah is bright blue, Sahar is deep violet, Faye is forest green, Ferran is bright orange-red, and Acyn is beige. I usually incorporate the color in my pictures of them, and I use it in the descriptions I write.

Also, I write settings as aesthetics, somehow. It just helps me to think of it that way, since it helps me come up with details to add and more descriptive words. For example, Faye’s home is a little sandstone farmhouse in a village near a forest. That helps me think of things like: There are always flowers in the front garden, the kitchen smells of rosemary, sage, and baking bread, the chicken coop is always on the point of collapse, (because on of her brothers is always climbing on it), just, stuff like that. Hope that makes sense. XD

 It helps me too as I’m still developing their personalities through their clothing, if that makes any sense XD Like I have a character who is supposed to be, like, quiet, a bit shy, and a very sweet person, and I can find pictures of sketches people made and see the clothing and be like “It’s Kelsi!”

I totally understand! I do that too! Liorah is practical and careless, so her clothing looks totally different from exuberant, extroverted Sahar.

Sahar wears very bright, flowy, patterned clothing with a lot of jewelry (Kind of bohemian, I guess). Liorah’s clothing is simple and comfortable, and usually messy.

What are your character’s weapons and fighting styles? Is your story set in a modern time or historical? (I’m sorry, I may have asked this already.)


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