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Hi Ally!

I think I get repetitive unintentionally whenever I can’t think of any other synonyms for a specific word (like “cold” XD). It gets to the point where I’m like “I think I’ve used cold, colder, and colder too many times now,” LOL

Goodness, I totally agree with that! I often write a chapter and then go back and delete like half of it XD

Also a very common utterance: “Why do the characters frown SEVEN times in this paragraph?” And “Why does everything rustle?! And how many times can I say something is ‘damp’?”

When I’m drafting really quickly I often use the same words over and over, and reading it is a chore!

“You can edit a bad chapter, but not an empty page.” That may be the greatest writing quote I’ve ever heard XD Words to live by, it is

IKR? I have to keep reminding myself of that. When I get stuck, I just close my eyes, (not literally XD) write the worst, most ungrammatical, and atrocious draft, then go back and edit out the gibberish.

Revision games are an awesome way to learn! (Especially when you can compete against someone!) I may or may not have memorized the periodic table because of that song. XD (The periodic table song by AsapScience) Songs are my go-to way to remember things XD I may look (and sound) like a lunatic, but at least I remember them LOL.

Choir sounds awesome! It’s so cool that you sang solos!

I love art too! I mean, I’m not great at it, but I enjoy it   I do art through writing LOL.

That’s what’s so awesome about the arts! (Singing, painting, drawing, writing, dancing) There’s no ‘right’ so you can have fun without being great at something! (Unlike the sciences. Ugh.) As long as you love it, it doesn’t matter how good you are.

I’m homeschooled too! Homeschool buddies!

Yay! That’s so cool!

Random questions!

When you think of a story, what do you usually think of first? Character, setting, or plot?

I usually think of a vague, not quite definable idea. It isn’t quite a setting, it’s more like an aesthetic and a color palette. And maybe half a character. That’s all I have to work with. *Sigghhh*

Another weird thing, I’ll randomly start spotting things my characters would like. I’ll just see something, like a pair of earrings, and my first thought is something like: “Sahar would wear that.” It’s pretty weird XD


"Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark." The Tale of Despereaux

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