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@sparrowhawke I’ve actually read Wednesday Wars before! I didn’t really like it, I think because I don’t usually read that genre. I should try his other books though!

I really love Madeline L’Engle! I usually don’t like sci-fi but her books are always really good! I haven’t heard of the other books you mentioned, so I’ll add those to my reading list! Thank you!

I loooooove the Wingfeather Saga!! It’s one of my favorite series ever!

Wow, that’s a long list! Thank you so much!! I haven’t read most of those 🙂

Ooh, those all sound great!

I haven’t heard of most of those, actually! I’ll add them all to my reading list XD

I read Cry, the Beloved Country once and I didn’t enjoy it very much… perhaps because I was forced to read it in middle school. I should give it another try XD


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