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Haha at least we survived 2020. Corona might be around for a little while yet. 😛

Yesss! XD Just get like 1000 signatures and then send it off to wherever holiday petitions go. (Haha, seriously, who decides holidays? Congress? Congress might be a little harder to convince…that is until we give them fuzzy socks of their own. 😛 )

Oh that’s so cool! Are any of your siblings part of the choir with you?

Those all sound like fun presents! Especially the dog, haha. Have you named him?

Oooh cinnamon rolls are a great tradition. ( And I feel bad for you parents, but I don’t blame you XD)

My family makes Swedish pancakes, which are these really small, but really airy, eggy, pancakes. Since they’re small, my siblings and I each eat like 10 of them. XD

My family has a really random tradition of hiding this hideous, 40-some-year-old rubber dog toy inside the Christmas tree. (This has been going on since my mom was little.) My mom and grandma hate it, and have tried pretty much every single year to throw the panther away, but my siblings, dad, and grandpa think it’s hilarious and always manage to rescue the panther.

We’re a goofy family. 😛

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