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Hi Ally!

Happy new year! I hope you have an amazing 2021! (I do hope it’s a bit less… turbulent than 2020 XD)

Well that’s good!   I believe in you! You can push through the editing, outlining, and rewriting! XD   That kind of stinks though, having to rewrite a majority of your book

I’m going to do my best XD I still love the characters, so I think I may be able to fix it!

Oh wow! I applaud you *golf-claps* XD That’s a stinkin’ lot of words 0_0 If I ever write that much in a short amount of time like that… it’s not pretty XD Like, the quality of what I had written is equal to trash, LOL. But that is just flat-out awesome.

Thank you! I must admit, a lot of what I wrote was kind of trash, but I edited it out, so now it’s good! I do have the tendency to be repetitive when I get stuck.

Like this: “It was a cold day. The day was very cold and freezing. The day was as cold as ice. The day was as cold as the ice crystallizing on the windows.”

Not a literal example, but not far from it XD Sometimes I have to cut out whole paragraphs like that. Well, you can edit a bad chapter, but not an empty page XD

Hmmm my least favorite subject is math.

I couldn’t agree more! I wish Algebra had stayed un-invented, I can do without it, thank you very much XD I liked Geometry, but I despise Algebra. My second least favorite is probably Physics or Chemistry. I hate chemistry, but I somehow get good grades on it?? I have no idea how that happens since it takes me ages of struggling to get through.

My favorite school subject is a tie between English (because I love reading and literally adore my teacher for that class) and choir.

Those are so cool! I have never done choir but it sounds like a lot of fun! My favorite subject is art, hands down. We always take extra time for art since everyone in my family either paints or draws. (I’m homeschooled 😉)

Sorry to butt in on the other conversation, but I totally want to join “Fuzzy Socks Awareness Day”! They’re just the BEST thing!


"Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark." The Tale of Despereaux

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