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Hi Wingiby!

Happy new year!

I completely understand what you mean! It happens to me all the time! I think it’s also because you’re looking at it as an artist, and you’re looking for mistakes. Someone who’s never seen the picture before won’t see these, they’ll just see “Look, a pretty picture!”

I don’t know what medium you use, so I don’t know if you can erase it. If you can, what helps for me is just leaving the first sketch for a day or two and either not look at it at all or stare at it until you think you’ve found the mistakes. Just like with writing, the distance of a day or two can help a lot. (Okay, I have to confess, I only do this when I really need to, since I don’t have the patience for it on every drawing. XD)

If you can’t erase it, just work around it! I’m assuming you mean pretty minor mistakes, so you can just draw over top of it. An example I’m thinking of is Jane Davenport’s work. She purposefully uses colored pencil so she can’t erase, and her work isn’t perfect, but it has a lot of life to it because she works over her mistakes. (I’ll see if I can find an example 😉 If you look at the sides of the face and the chin, you can see she drew it several times, and it looks great!

What you said about style is really true! You can make just about any mistake and it’ll be fine because it’s your art! Imperfections and mistakes make art unique.

I usually try to work over/around it, or if all else fails, know that the next picture will be better! Especially when you’re still practicing, often your vision won’t line up with the finished product (I still get this a lot!) but you’ll have improved, even if it isn’t like you hoped. The next one will always be better. And if you love drawing, it’s always worth it!

I’d love to see your art if you get it uploaded!

I hope this rambly comment was somewhat helpful!


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