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Ally Renee


Hi again, Rose!! And happy 2021 XD

LOL, well I’m glad that the book is helping with your characters! Even though it’s causing changes in your writing XD Hopefully it will help me as well as I’m still trying to develop 8 main characters, along with a load of other side characters 😉

It has been fun! And honestly, having nothing planned for 2 weeks and doing a lot of drawing and writing sounds equally as fun XD Sometimes having a not-busy week or two is amazing 😛

Yes indeed, writing friends truly are the best 😀 It’s nice to have people that you’re friends with that help give critiques and edit your stories, and I also enjoy having my friends send me drafts of their stories because they’re so much fun for me to read! It also gives me other stuff to read XD

Well that’s good! 🙂 I believe in you! You can push through the editing, outlining, and rewriting! XD 😉 That kind of stinks though, having to rewrite a majority of your book 🙁

Oh wow! I applaud you *golf-claps* XD That’s a stinkin’ lot of words 0_0 If I ever write that much in a short amount of time like that… it’s not pretty XD Like, the quality of what I had written is equal to trash, LOL. But that is just flat-out awesome.

Hmmm my least favorite subject is math. Hands-down XD I am not a math person whatsoever, and I constantly have to ask for help from my very intelligent father who apparently understands everything regarding numbers and math XD My favorite school subject is a tie between English (because I love reading and literally adore my teacher for that class) and choir. I don’t take choir anymore, but I took it for the past two years and it was so much fun! 🙂 I really enjoy singing, and at choir, my brothers couldn’t yell at me to shut up XD

What are your favorite(s) and least favorite(s)? 🙂

~ Ally Renee

"Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future." ~ Proverbs 31:25

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