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@taylorclogston, your words highlight how not easy to manage this theme is. It can touch very deep our hearts, even when we aren’t the victims. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I didn’t know Wise Blood. I will read it for sure. By the time SE launched the reading club on The Promise of Jesse Woods I tried to buy it, but I just couldn’t. Maybe it’s time to read the articles.

You are rigth:  the story I began to write doesn’t mention anything so difficult as sexual crimes, but, yes, it has do to with people sinnig against each other (at least, by not loving) and how this forty years old man will deal with it being himself the victim.

Thanks for your praying. I wish I could write something (even without an happy end) that brings grace (and a warm hug :-)) to the reader.

You know, I’m Brazilian. It’s interesting that this theme can reach Christians from different backgrounds.


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