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Hey again! No worries haha, mine was pretty busy too. Holidays and all. Merry Belated Christmas! 😛

Ahh ok haha. Yeah I agree, I’m probably somewhere in the middle in terms of caution.

We shall make a day that we shall call “Fuzzy Sock Awareness Day”. Then the populace will be enlightened and will rejoice with us. XD

Nice! Those all sound so cool! So for your choir concert, do you do mostly vocals or also instruments? If so, what instruments? (Aside from hand percussion, although that is a worthy instrument. 😛 )

Lol yeah, I get that. My parents were pretty tired too.

My brother got me a new mp3 player (my old one broke, sadly) and I have been having lots of fun piling all my favorite music on it. 🙂

How about you? Favorite Christmas present (or presents 🙂 )?

Another random question: does your family have any Christmas traditions?

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