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Joelle Stone


Keeper of the Lost Cities? I’ve heard glowing reports of that book, but I’ve never actually read it. 🙂 Maybe I should… thx for the idea! BTW, I love your signature. 🙂


Thank you for your feedback! I have a few idea as to the motives for the villain:

  1. He knows that other worlds exist and is trying to keep everyone else from figuring that out, because he thinks it’s safer that way.
  2. He thinks a long-lost family member is in another world and wants to find him/her (hence the person showing up at the main character’s door – he’s either the villain’s servant or the villain himself).
  3. He thinks having talents like Leaper, Reader, and Shader’s are too powerful and therefore a threat to his kingdom/country/world.

In any of those, the villain’s motives are pretty good, but the way he goes about them aren’t. That’s what I’m going for with him.

Here are some motives for the main character:

  1. Person at her door needs her help, and, as a naturally compassionate person, she agrees after making sure it’s safe (mostly).
  2. She doesn’t really believe him but plays along for the fun of it (then is caught up in an adventure while trying to figure everything out).
  3. Person at her door threatens to hurt/kill someone she loves if she doesn’t go along with him.

#3 has problems b/c then she’d probably realize that PAD (person at door) is the villain and that would get rid of the surprise factor: “Tada, I’m actually your worst enemy! *cue evil laugh*”

As you can see, I’m thinking out loud here. 🙂 Which of these do you think works best? Do you have any ideas of your own?

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